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Forever Living Products Distributor New Jersey
When I started this cellulite treatment I realized the key is I have to do it constantly (at least in the summer season). As I mentioned in the previous blog about celluite, the Aloe Bath Gelle is really effective on its own and here's the next step: the Aloe Body Toner.

: I recommend prior to use, please test a small patch for allergic reaction of the Body Toner. Because it contains cinnamon oil! If after 24 hours no redness or itching then you're good!

The three easy step at-home-treatment:


With the first step of the treatment  ( Aloe Bath Gelle, see instruction in the previous blog)
actually, its loosen up the cellulite so with the massage you stimulate the thiny blood vessel's ( capillars) circulation it makes your skin feel tingling. After shower and towel dry start to apply evenly the Body Toner to the desired area  and wrap the area with the plastic wrap. ( You can also use  a blanket ) Lie down for an hour read a good book or magazine or you can even take a nap (no longer then an hour!!) while the treatment is working on you. Aloe Body Toner is a deep-heating cream so it's a very relaxing feeling.

Therefore, increased fluid intake needs to anyone who uses it. This deep warming cream helps the skin releases the skin from accumulated toxins. These are excreted through the kidneys.
The result a firmer, tighter appearance.
The wrapping procedure be used 2-3 times per week. (Induvidual result will vary.)
I warn you do not use Body Toner if you having your period or you're pregnant have medical problems including heart disease or circulatory problems. Do not apply to face, breast and genital area! Do not apply to irritated or newly shaved skin!

Aloe Body Toner a wonderfully warming and invigorating cream, is combined with the power of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel to shape and tone the skin. Formulated to be used with cellophane wrap, it contains emulsifiers, moisturizers and humectants, plus warming agents.

This specially prepared cream, designed to beautify and firm the body, includes ingredients chosen to provide a rich warming and invigorating feeling. Our secret is in combining aloe and select European herbs with two remarkable warming agents, Cinnamon Oil and Capsicum

One more tip: if you want to conceal your cellulite, try using a self-tanning product or enjoy the sunbathe. Cellulite tends to be a little bit less noticable on darker skin.
And it's important to remember, though, that almost everyone wishes that something about their body was a bit different so love and except yourself the way as you are ;)  

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